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Our collaborative nature


At Place Alliance we encourage collaboration between organisations and individuals who share a belief that the quality of the built environment matters and has a profound influence on people’s lives. Since its launch in 2014, Place Alliance has covered much ground in promoting exchange between people across the country who are working on and promoting Place Quality initiatives. We believe that through knowledge and practice exchange we can contribute not only to create and maintain better places, but also to establish the strong evidence base needed for informed decision making.


The Place Alliance brings together ideas and evidence on the value of place quality and its governance. It encourages collaboration between organisations and individuals who share a belief that the quality of the built environment matters and has a profound influence on people’s lives. We believe that through collaboration we can create and maintain better places. We share knowledge and support each other to demand and realise buildings, streets and spaces that enhance the quality of life for all.

What we do



Once a year, Place Alliance supporters from across the country come to a BIG MEET, to discuss their priorities as a group. Big Meets aim to bring together diverse cross-disciplinary audiences to debate key issues that impact on the quality of place.


The Place Alliance Working Groups have been established following BM3. These are open to all and define their own agenda. Some are taking forward post-Farrell Review activities and others reflect issues raised in the various Big Meets. 


The Place Alliance Urban Design Summer School is an intensive learning programme aimed at the wide range of urban design professionals, public sector decision-makers and students involved in making and sustaining successful places.

Work with Us


The Place Alliance has its origins in a cross-sector collaborative alliance for place quality. Our supporters are engaged in the full range of processes involved in shaping places.  These encompass processes that are: 

  • Both strategic and local in nature; public and private 
  • Top-down and bottom-up and both professionally and community driven 
  • Directly and indirectly shaping places (for instance though both projects and policies) 
  • Concerned with the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of places and people 
  • Involving a wide and varied range of professionals and communities. 

By working constructively and collaboratively as allies, we aim over the long-term to establish a culture whereby place quality, in a holistic sense, becomes a continuous and ever-present agenda in all new development, regeneration and urban management processes.  Individuals and organisations are always welcome to work with us and we partner with others in most of what we do.  Working together we are far stronger than working either in isolation or within our disciplinary or interest group silos. 


Prof Matthew Carmona – Chair

Valentina Giordano – Chief Executive

To discuss how we might work together please email  

Become a supporter

Place Alliance is an independent not-for-profit initiative of UCL. We operate on a tight budget and rely on the generosity of our supporters. For those who wish to make a donation to help grow the Place Alliance network visit our UCL online giving page to make a gift. If you would like more information on how we will spend your donation contact 

Your support is truly appreciated.