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About Us The Arts and Place Working Group has emerged from the Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment 2014 and has now been adopted as part of the Place Alliance movement. It as been led by Beam in collaboration with Farrells and supported by a range of artists and arts professionals to address and promote the role of the arts and artists in the planning, design, making, and animation of the public realm and ‘place’, and how this might be further developed.

Their ideas, together with Graham Henderson’s essay Putting Soul in the City – Essay Towards a Manifesto, have informed the drafting of “A MANIFESTO FOR THE ARTS IN PLACE”, officially launched at Big Meet 8 on the 18 of April 2018.

The group is currently Chaired by Professor Charles Quick.

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 If you’re interested in issues concerning artists and the arts in placemaking, and in keeping abreast of plans for future events and activities, please contact Kate Watson

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Presentations from “BIG MEET 8: Artists and the Arts in Place-Making“ held in the Spring are now available online on our BIG MEET ARCHIVE page


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