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2015 archive

Place Alliance highlights importance of art and artists in placemaking

Place Alliance – England’s link group for ‘place-related’ interests, of which IHBC is a member – has released a new manifesto called ‘Artists & the Arts in Placemaking’, calling for the importance of culture in placemaking to be recognised and no longer seen as ‘an optional extra’, and the inclusion of public art and the arts in local and neighbourhood plans. Read more →

Place Alliance – Big Meet 4

On 27th October the Place Alliance held the fourth of its Big Meets in London. The packed meeting was addressed by Brandon Lewis, Minister of State for Housing and Planning. David Rudlin was one of a number of people asked to make a response, although the minister wasn’t able to stay to hear these responses. Read David’s response →

Matthew Carmona’s Talk on Place Alliance

Matthew Carmona presents at the Academy Of Urbanism’s Mid-Year Review a potted history of the Place Alliance movement’s origins, coming directly as a result of the Farrell Review and with the aim of addressing the void left by the winding-down of the government’s architecture watch-dog: the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. Read more →

Farrell Review is delivering, says its author

Discussion of Farrell Review and its achievements year after its publication. Feature of PlaceAlliance as means of provision “a powerful collective voice on questions of place quality” as well as increasing debate around improving everyday environments. Read more →

Design literate leadership

Most councillors enter local politics to make a difference and to positively bring about change. As we continue cutting budgets to the bone, we must ensure the  money we do spend is well spent and, writes Sue Vincent, that means they need to understand how good design is as much about cost effectiveness as it is about aesthetics. Read more on Page 27 →