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The BIG MEET is the Place Alliance annual conference, an opportunity for a diverse range of organisations across the build environment sectors to come together to discuss, debate and provide a powerful collective voice on the current issues about the quality of the built environment and its delivery.

BIG MEET 10: Housing Design Quality & Launch of “A Housing Design Audit for England

Big Meet 10 will focus on the critical question of housing design quality – what sort of housing environments are we creating today, and how can we strive to do better in the future?

The conference will be structured around the launch, discussion and reflection on “A Housing Design Audit for England. This is the first national housing design audit and the first large scale audit for over 12 years. It covers 142 schemes across all regions of England. The conference intends to be both honest and constructive.

Ultimately it will challenge attendees to identify what tangible actions we can take together to improve the design of the new residential environments that the nation so clearly needs.  


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 13:10 — Registration, Teas & Coffees

 13:30 —  Welcome from Richard Simmons (UCL / CPRE)

 13:35 — Delivering better housing design, setting the context,                                           Paul Miner (CPRE)

 13:45 — Auditing England (how we did it)                                                                                Matthew Carmona (Place Alliance)

 PART 1: What are we delivering? 

 13:50 — Audit Results 1: What are we getting right and what wrong?                                Matthew Carmona (Place Alliance)

 14.10 — Auditors’ stories – what did they see?                                                                     Helen Grimshaw (URBED) and Colin Haylock (UCL)

 14:30 — Rapid reflections on practice Nicholas Boys-Smith (Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission), Sarah James (Civic Voice), Andrew Whitaker (Home Builders Federation), Philip Box (UK Green Building Council), Phil Jones (Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation) and Andy von Bradsky (Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government).

 15:00 — Break

PART 2: How can we do better?

15.30 – Audit results 2: Why is there such variation in practice?                                       Matthew Carmona (Place Alliance)

15.50 – How can we do better? – open discussion

16.30 – What tangible actions can we take to improve practice?

16.55 – Thanks and close

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