Big Meet 3

24 February 2015, London

At the BIG MEET 3 speakers and guests were invited to discuss Place Alliance first activities and initiatives for Place Quality. 

The Big Meet 3 was very well attended more than 100 people coming from as far as Scotland and Cornwall. The minister of state for DCMS, Ed Vaizey MP was present at the opening of the event to address the audience and take questions.

About Big Meet 3: Place Alliance in 2015

The Big Meet 3 was a chance for Place Alliance supporters from across the country to get together for networking and exchange and for the first time to publicly state their support for the alliance. First results of the mapping exercise were reported, as well as the progress of their work towards the common goal of improving place quality and the Farrell Review. The whole group discussed the national survey or ‘mapping exercise’, put forward future trajectories for Place Alliance work, and participated in the first of the nationwide TalkPlace exercises.


Opening address from the Minister of State

The minister of state for DCMS, Ed Vaizey MP, gave an address praising the Farrell Review, the Place Alliance and encouraging people, organisations and institutions to support the Place Alliance. His key points were:

  • A strong united Place Alliance ‘voice’ was the most effective way forward, and
  • It should engage central government, local government and developers. 

Farrell Review Update

Max Farrell gave an update on the Farrell Review. He recapped the five themes and the progress that had been made, praising the networks and initiative that others had taken. He showed a selection of the individual work listed below and the ways that government was picking up on it.

    TalkPlace Initiative

    Sophia de Sousa of the Glass-House Community Led Design and Esther Kurland of Urban Design London introduced the TalkPlace initiative. Delegates participated in the first exercise and gave feedback on the experience and conversations. There was a wide-ranging discussion and general enthusiasm for the initiative and these conversations will be taken forward with further TalkPlace events for a picture of the national conversation.

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