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The Place Quality Working Group provides a forum for exchange on assessment of quality and activities across the country. Reviewing schemes and proposals as they come forward and move through development processes is an extremely valuable means of assessing Place Quality. Across the country and in different organisations, there is a range of approaches with a diversity of applications and uses in different contexts, particularly Design Review and Place Review, and this diverse ‘market’ is the focus of this working group.

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What are Place Review & Design Review?

The idea of Place Review builds on Design Review where schemes for development, from architects, clients, local authorities, communities and government are submitted for review by a panel of experts. Place Review is a strong theme from Farrell review, where it is promoted as a positive strengthened vocational activity for professionals as they contribute to improving the quality of place beyond their day-to-day roles.

Place Review ideas have been developed in a paper by David Tittle of MADE. The working group on Place / Design Review, is grappling with these ideas and bringing together key players to exchange ideas. Design Review has been conducted in the past by Royal Fine Arts Commission, CABE, a variety of organisations across the country. The original mode essentially consists of a presentation by representatives of the scheme with the reviewer panels, reading through documents, scrutinizing visuals and visiting the sites for development. Best practice in review generally involves an early assessment of schemes and proposals before they read the planning stages, and if needed several repeated assessments of the scheme as it progresses. The Principles and Practice Guide produced jointly by Design Council CABE, The Landscape Institute, The RTPI & The RIBA sets out some of the standards and expectations.