place quality research

Place Alliance research is dedicated to helping to fill gaps in the evidence-base on design. Our recent work has a focussed on design review, place quality and value, and the role of local politicians in design decision-making.

It is only with reliable, robust evidence that we and others can advocate for investing in a high quality built environment and it is paramount that evidence should be robust and balanced and not unduly influenced by any one set of interests or particular perspective on design.

Design Skills

The research summarises the findings of a nationwide survey of urban design skills within local planning authorities and how they have changed over the last five years.

Design Review

The research revealed that generally the practice and experience of design review across London is improving, although there remain some important challenges.

Coming Soon: Design Attitude

The research looks at councillors attitudes to the design of new housing and at their role in allocating resources, establishing priorities and in focusing on the quality of places


Place Alliance in the Press

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