An excellent piece of research into the place elements of housing from the Prince’s Foundation for Building Communities (2014). Drawing on UK-wide case studies of community consultation through the enquiry-by-design engagement method, it examines what people want from their housing in each of Estate Regeneration, City & Town Centre Regeneration, and Urban Extensions.

It argues for BIMBY (Beauty-in-my-backyard) as an alternative to NIMBY (Not-in-my-backyard), from the conclusions that:

…the qualities that people cherish in the places they want to live: walkability, street-based housing, well-defined public and private green spaces and a sense of local identity. These factors produce neighbourhoods that are desirable, supported and sustainable and cultivate a sense of place. People do not want rapid urban development that is exclusive, overbearing and which compromises the character of their local areas. Policy-makers, developers, local representatives, designers and architects need to give these public preferences the consideration they are due if we are to support a successful, thriving built environment in the UK.

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What an amazing article on what people want. I completely agree. I run my own website at vacuum sealer land and find that I constantly come across comments that have a similar opinion!
9th October 2016, 1:19 pm
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