The Big Meet

Rob Cowan Comic for Big Meet 4

Twice a year Place Alliance supporters from across the country come to a BIG MEET, to discuss their priorities as a group.

You can read about our past BIG MEETS in the Archive page.

The Place Alliance is a voluntary movement that relies on donations. There is no charge to be a supporter or to attend our Big Meets, but if you would like to donate to help cover the cost of the lunch and other expenses then please visit our UCL online giving page to make a gift now. 

THE BIG MEET 7: Engaging Communities in Place-Making  – SOLD OUT –

Tuesday 25 of April 2017, 10.30am to 4.30pm, UCL Main Quad Pavilion

The benefits of involving local people in the production of the built environment are being increasingly recognised at a global and national scale. The 2016 UN-Habitat World Cities Report calls for the greater participation of citizens in the development of sustainable, inclusive, safe and resilient cities. In the UK this ambition has been pursued under the Localism Act, a mechanism to encourage a far greater involvement of community and third sector organisations in the planning and design of the built environment.

The result is a shift towards local autonomy and community ownership coupled with a scaling back of central responsibility in planning and urban development. This places a new level of responsibility on local citizens however, in many cases, groups struggle to access the necessary support to enable control to be picked up at a local level.

A community’s ability to exercise control over it’s built environment plays a key role in its capacity to build resilience in face of an uncertain future. Creative strategies are needed to catalyse urban innovation that responds to the needs of diverse populations, adapting to change and empowering a sense of collective agency.

BIG MEET 7 will explore and showcase how approaches of creative community engagement and co-production can transform the built environment and strengthen communities at the same time. Participants will be able to meet groups from across the UK who are involved in innovative practice in community engagement. They will be able to share experiences, learn useful techniques and reflect upon their own local challenges and opportunities in the light of the case-studies presented.