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About Big Meet

The BIG MEET is the Place Alliance annual conference, an opportunity for a diverse range of organisations across the build environment sectors to come together to discuss, debate and provide a powerful collective voice on the current issues about the quality of the built environment and its delivery.

Place Alliance is delighted to invite you to Big Meet 9: “Leadership in place-making: beyond beauty”.

Big Meet 9 will focus on the complex question of local leadership in place making. In particular, as we gear up to produce more housing as a nation, we need to be careful that we are creating real places and communities rather than isolated and unsustainable estates. This will require a clear vision within local authorities and backing from Central Government to prioritise quality in design rather than development for development sake. 

BM9 will also host the launch of “Place Value and the Ladder of Place Quality“, a Place Alliance guide for decision making about the built environment, supported by the Design Network.

Through the Ladder of Place Quality, the report presents a simple tool for architects, planners, councillors, developers and citizens to quickly assess and advocate for high quality places when making policy, project or investment decisions that affect the built environment.

Big Meet 9 is part of the Making People-Friendly Places campaign. 


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09:30  Registration & Coffee

10:00  Welcome from Place Alliance Prof Matthew Carmona, Chair, Place Alliance

Session 1 – The National (and international) scene 

11:00 Q+A/Panel Discussion

11:30  Coffee Break

Session 2: Beyond beauty

12:30 Q&A/Panel discussion

13:00 Lunch Break

Session 3: Local leadership

14.50 Round table debates – Local leadership on design, overcoming the challenges

15.20 Feedback and discussion

15.40 Final reflections

15.45 Close

Confirmed Speakers

Andy von Bradsky, Architectural Advisor at MHCLG

Sir Roger Scruton, Chairman of the Building Better – Building Beautiful Commission at MHCLG

Prof Matthew Carmona, Chair at Place Alliance

Dr Joao Dos Santos Ferreira Bento, Research Fellow at The Bartlett School of Planning

Angela Koch, Founder & Director at ImaginePlaces

Esther Kurland, Director at Urban Design London

Valentina Giordano, Research Fellow & Place Alliance Manager at The Bartlett School of Planning

Amy Harrison, Head of Learning and Participation at The Architecture Centre Bristol

Carmen Mateu-Moreno, Future Place Project Manager at RIBA

Dan Roberts, Senior Specialist in the Planning, Enabling & Development at Homes England

Frederic Saliez, Deputy Director at the Brussels Liaison Office of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Katja Stille, Director at Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design

Julie Tanner, Panel Manager at Creating Excellence


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Prof Matthew Carmona – Chair

Valentina Giordano – Chief Executive

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