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The Core Supporters Group provides strategic direction and guidance to the Place Alliance. It meets quarterly and is open to all (individuals and organisations) who wish to contribute.

The Core Supporters Group agrees Place Alliance policy and modes of operation and supports and provides challenge to the Working Groups and the Management Group around their work programme.

If you are already a Place Alliance Supporter and want to join the Core Supporters Group just let us know by email, otherwise you can join us and express your interest in becoming a Core Supporters by filling in a Supporter Form.

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27 September 3.00-5.00pm – Central House

22 February  3.00-5.00pm – Central House

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“CABE used national housing audits to embarrass the housebuilders by publicising how poor their products were.”

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Government could improve housing design by learning from CABE

It is six years since the government design watchdog was axed, but many of its initiatives could be aped to improve the quality of new housing, says Bartlett professor Matthew Carmona. Read more → "CABE used national housing audits to embarrass the housebuilders by...

Community leaders seek a ‘manifesto’ for Farnham

Prominent members of the Farnham community and of Farnham and Waverley councils met to set our a 'manifesto for Farham' by considering the policies set out in the Healthy Places Manifesto by Place Alliance and to look for steps to overcome some of the problems faced...

Interview with Matthew Carmona: In search of Harmony

From protecting public rights in private spaces to ensuring 'permission in principle' preserves local character, Matthew Carmona is determined to reconcile public interest and private gain in well-designed places and spaces, finds David Blackman. Read...